How did ChirpOn come about?

Like many products, the origin of the ChirpOn line has a mother named Necessity.  I live in a rural setting and my cats are indoor/outdoor and love to accompany me on long walks around the property.  They also have a particular interest in my bird feeding area and I’ve tried quite a few things to defeat them… cleared the area of hiding spots, added obstacles, tried different things I read about, but they’re cats.  Need I say more?  Yet, like most cat owners, I find it disconcerting to encounter bird ‘gifts’ at my doorstep. Particularly in light of how much stress there is already on the bird population.  I was determined to do something about it.  I did and it worked.

What makes the ChirpOn work?

The primary reason the collar works is that cats will wear it.  It’s comfortable.   Once it’s on the cat, the proprietary ultra violet light reflecting silicone appendages create bird alerts as the cat stalks them.  We will work to continue to improve the products through more extensive field testing and real time effectiveness reports by users worldwide.

When will the first product be available?

While it may look simple, the collar is very complex.  The silicone appendages with their UV light reflecting formula are essential to the effectiveness of the bird awareness and the comfort of the cat.  To manufacture the appendages requires a mold costing $6,500.  So, as soon as we get enough people to opt in to cover the initial start up we will launch the product.  The realistic Prototypes have been in constant use for months and are very, very effective.